Select teams have two (2) team practices per week and multiple optional skills sessions on Sundays throughout the season. Team and skills practices are subject to change.

All practices this season are at KEVA, Waunakee Village Center(WVC) & St. Francis(Cross Plains)(SFX) and Lodi Rec Center (LRC)

14’s and Under

We average two tournaments per month from January until April.
There will be a mix of multi-day and single day events.
Most years our multi-day tournaments are held in Minneapolis, MN, Chicago, IL, Indianapolis, IN, St. Louis, MO, Milwaukee and/or Wisconsin Dells, WI.
Compete at 1-2 national qualifiers.
Our single day events are usually held in the Badger Region (Wisconsin).


Typically compete at Great Lakes Power League in Chicago, IL.  Click HERE for details.

Compete at 2 national qualifiers

Typically compete at 2-3 other tournaments

The club fee for teams are 14’s-18’s = $2,150.
These fees cover the cost of uniforms, tournament entry fees (except season ending tournaments), equipment, coaches expenses (except season ending tournaments), gym rental, etc..
The 14-18 club fee covers the cost of 1-2 national qualifiers. To be clear….there is NO additional club fees for National Qualifiers.
The club fees do not cover the players cost of travel such as hotels, meals, gas, etc..

Families may pay the club fee as a lump sum, but at a minimum must pay according to the monthly payment schedule listed below:

$1,000 down payment due before first day of practice (Nov. 27th) with 3 equal installments of $383.33 due January 1st, February 1st and March 1st.
Payments are spread over the season as a convenience to our families. We require a start-up fee when the player commits after tryouts and then the remainder of payments are spread over the season in monthly payments.  Players must keep their payments up-to-date in order to continue to practice and compete at tournaments. Money should never be the reason to keep an athlete off the court, so if you feel there may be an issue in completing the payments at the scheduled times please reach out to the club Director.

Season ending tournaments are handled on a team by team basis and this may include National Championship tournaments. Each attending player will be charged an additional fee for these tournaments.

14’s and Under will be held October 7th and 8th at Edgewood College

15’s-18’s will be held November 11th and 12th at Keva Sports Center

**See Tryouts Page for full details

Our tournament season starts in January and ends in May for most of or teams. Our 14’s and Under through 18’s will compete to qualify for nationals and if successful, will play at nationals in late June (late April for 18’s). If they do not qualify they may have the option of another season ending tournament in May or June.

We understand that many of our players are part of their high school athletics programs and other activities such as dance, music, etc.. We expect that academics will take precedence in whatever time conflict presents itself. We do however, expect a serious commitment to Wisconsin Select practices and tournaments. Wisconsin Select exists to help our players improve their level of play and provide the opportunity to compete against some of the best competition within USA Volleyball. To do that we need to have all of our players together working as a team. We inform our players early about the tournaments we expect to enter and we expect feedback from them on possible conflicts. We also expect to be informed by our players well in advance when they will be late or miss a practice. Each team will define what a player can expect when they miss practices with regards to tournament play, especially if they miss without prior notice to their coach.

Wisconsin Select usually carries 10 to 11 players per team and we have one team per age group. Having 10-11 players allows us to give all of our players a good amount of playing time and still gives us some buffer in case a player, for whatever reason, is unable to attend a tournament.

Wisconsin Select does not typically take the lead in conducting fundraising. If our parents are interested in fundraising we will create a parents’ committee with representatives from each team to organize and execute those activities.

If your daughter cannot attend one of our tryout sessions let us know and we can typically find a solution. You can send us an email at wisconsinselectvolleyball@gmail.com.

You must register both with our club and USAV Webpoint.


Follow the Webpoint link from our website HERE

Note from Badger Region:

Badger Region/USAV Registration will be using Webpoint again this year – it’s all online! In order to attend a clinic or tryout, prospective athletes must be registered with the Badger Region for the new season. Specific step by step instructions for registration are posted at www.BadgerVolleyball.org . Once you register online, please print your USAV Membership card and bring it along to tryouts (along with your Medical Release Form and Player Info Form). No one will be allowed to tryout without presenting their USAV Membership Card and Medical Form at check-in.

NOTE (14’s): If you are trying out for 14’s and you have a USAV Membership from last season, it is still active for our October tryout. Just reprint your USAV membership card.


14’s and Under Register Here

15’s-18’s Register Here

Register in advance to save money!

Need some gym time before tryouts? Sign up for one or both of our pre-tryout Tune Up Sessions!

Monday November 6th from 5-7 pm at Keva – Register Here

Wednesday November 8th from 8-10 pm at Keva – Register Here

Have the opportunity to refresh your skills, meet some coaches and have fun!


Yes! We will be holding two different tune up sessions this year before tryouts. Tune ups are a great opportunity to refresh your skills while getting the chance to work with our skilled coaches. Each session costs only $15 dollars and will be limited by number of players so register early!

Monday November 6th from 5-7 pm at Keva – Registration Full

Wednesday November 8th from 8-10 pm at Keva – Registration Full

**Times subject to change